Give Yourself A Christmas Present

If you only have one goal for this holiday season, make a goal to not use your credit card. I know that most Americans have some kind of credit card debt. I’m not going to judge you for past mistakes, but I want better for you than to wake up January 1st with a huge amount of credit card debt. This year, of all years, I want you to stop overspending during the holidays. Instead, focus on how you can be there, really be there, for the people you love.

Now, that doesn’t mean that we’re turning into Ebineezer Scrooge this year. As a Mom, I know that every parent wants to make Christmas special for their family. We want that so much that we will literally go into debt. This year we’re probably going to be home a lot more than previous years. This is the perfect time to celebrate Christmas in a low-key, more thoughtful, and less stressful way.

Focus on these three things in order to have a less costly and more meaningful holiday season.

  1. Focus on your people

When I say “your people” I’m not talking about all of your followers and Facebook friends. When I say “your people”, I mean the people who are your besties or those who rely upon you (like your kids or parents). It’s generally a very small list. Focus on those people. How can you make this time more special for them? How can you spend time with them?

If they’re in your house, then ask them to make some cookies with you or to listen to an audiobook with you.

If they’re not in your physical space then leverage technology to spend time with people you love. Start a watch party with Amazon or Netflix. Order your bestie across the county a surprise take out dinner. Do something nice for someone else.

2) Focus on what your people really need

Let’s be real here, in any given day either a glass of wine or a bath sounds amazing to me. If someone were to bring me bath salts or an awesome bottle of wine I would be incredibly grateful. Rather than buy a bunch of useless crap, ask your people what they actually need, then try to figure out how you can best support them.

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year he was shocked to hear that I want the kitchen and living room floors steam cleaned. We have a steamer so it’s just effort and time to clean the floor. I explained that I didn’t need more stuff but having a squeaky clean floor would make me happy.

3) SLOW DOWN and enjoy the precious time you’re spending with your people

You only have so many Christmas’s with your kids, until they aren’t your kids anymore. Try to enjoy this time.

No matter how you celebrate The Holiday Season, it won’t look the same as last year, but that might be a good thing. Spending less money and spending more time with family sounds just like what I needed.




Financial Coach | I’m all about gratitude, abundance, straight talk and making some $ to improve your life.

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Victoria Sexton

Victoria Sexton

Financial Coach | I’m all about gratitude, abundance, straight talk and making some $ to improve your life.

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